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Do you offer multi property discounts?

Yes! Email today to ask about the discounts you’ll receive for purchasing bulk lots at one time.

How does the owner finance work?

Schedule of all fees associated with owner-financing of your property.

If you do not agree with the fees below, please do not sign paperwork.

Finance Fee- I do charge a finance fee on any property that is owner-financed. Since I charge 0% interest on the owner-finance, I do charge a fee for the option to owner-finance. Larger or higher-priced lots may have a larger initial finance fee. This is only a one-time fee. 

Walk-away or non-payment clause- If you express that you cannot pay for the property anymore, that property will be put back on the market for sale or owner-finance. You will forfeit any/all deposit amounts and all payments made towards the property. I do not issue refunds or any returns if you breach the agreement and decide to stop making payments on the property. If you are more than forty-five (45) days late past your scheduled payment, you will forfeit the property and forfeit all deposits and payments made. You waive your right to any arbitration or lawsuit for any state. No extensions will be issued to any property with more than sixty (45) days of a past-due invoice.

Property Taxes for city and county- I will send an invoice with your property taxes due when I receive them. Payments for all your property taxes are due within forty-five (45) days of receipt. I send out tax bills once I receive them. Once you close on your property, you may pay the property taxes how you wish. 

Grass cutting and other city fees- It is your responsibility, when you sign your paperwork, to maintain your lot(s). The City or County may charge you fees if your grass or weeds are too high. If you keep your grass or weeds below 12 inches, then you should be ok. To ensure you do not incur any of these fees, please keep your lot(s) cut and free of debris on the curb or inside the property. Any bills received for not maintaining the lot will be your responsibility to pay. I will send an electronic invoice for those fees, and they must be paid within forty-five (45) days. Any grass cut fee not paid in forty-five (45) days will be treated as a non-payment clause above. 

Realtor fees- I am a licensed Realtor and can handle the purchase and sale of your property. After your last payment, closing and recording is included in your purchase price and we transfer the deeds into your name. There are no realtor fees or commissions on this purchase.

Closing costs- Closing may or may not be included in the price of your property. Some properties may be conveyed through quit claim deeds. Additional work or expense may be necessary to clean up the title. 

Late charges- If any of your monthly payments, city fines, county fines or property taxes are more than fifteen (15) days late, there will be a $25 charge adding to the bill. $25 for each month late past the fifteen (15) day period.

Prepayment of all or a portion of the financing extended to Buyer is allowed and carries no penalties. 

You may not live, camp, or build any improved structure until the land is paid for and closed. 

Payments can be paid by electronic invoice or certified funds ONLY: Personal checks are not accepted. If you would like to mail your certified funds monthly, please send them to the address below. I do not meet to pick up payments. Allied Ventures LLC / 9571 Lexington Arch St / Las Vegas, NV 89178.

The seller also has the right to enact any legal means necessary to collect and recover the loan amount or damages to property to satisfy this agreement. The buyer waives all liability, suit, or any type of arbitration to the seller, company or any heirs or assigns.

Improvements/Utilities/Landscape/Upgrades – Buyer/Lessee may make any improvements to the property while they are financing. The improvements, if a license or permit is needed, must be performed by a licensed contractor and be up to code. Buyer/Lessee is responsible for any/all repairs on the property while they are financing and after completion of this agreement. The Seller does not make any repairs to the property since Buyer/Lessee is financing to own this property. Buyer/Lessee assumes all costs, to this property, during and after completion of financing and closing.

Delinquency and Notice of Default – Buyer/Lessee agrees that if they are more than Forty-Five (45) days late on any payment, insurance, taxes or any/all bills or liens accrued against the property, your property will automatically go into default. Automatic default means you will lose that property and forfeit all deposits, payments and improvements made to the property. There is Absolutely NO extension offered at this point. This includes any taxes or insurance payments due if there are improvements on the property. If Buyer/Lessee cannot pay the demand for payment, the Buyer/Lessee must vacant the improved property and move out all personal items. Any improvements, fixtures or installed items must remain with the property. Buyer/Lessee also agrees, by signing this agreement, that they will not remain in the property, declare bankruptcy, and include this property in any way as part of a debt they want to write off should they default on this agreement. The buyer/Lessee is not allowed to take any liens, credit, or other debt, any bankruptcy of any kind, against this property while financing. This is not a mortgage and is a contract for deed. Full ownership and transfer of deed, from Seller to Buyer, will be conveyed at the end of remaining payment. Late fees will be added for any bill more than fifteen (15) days late of $25 for each occurrence. 

You can make additional payments but are expected to make your scheduled monthly payment(s) on time until the balance is paid. Any scheduled or monthly payment more than forty-five (45) days late will be considered non-payment and default. The property will be put back on the market for sale or owner-finance. You will forfeit all your deposit(s), finance fees and any payments made. After forty-five (45) days late, I will cancel any future billing and the property will be available for purchase or finance to any other buyer. Signing this seller-finance contract means you waive all rights or any litigation against Seller and/or his successors and assigns. Signing this seller-finance contract means you have read, understand, have asked all questions, have done your due diligence on what utilities are available for the property, any HOA/POA dues that come with the property and will abide by every item contained herein. Some lots may require additional title work or quiet title. Once all payments have been made on this seller-finance contract, Buyer’s and Seller’s agree that this contract agreement is complete. We can then schedule a closing to transfer the deed. Any additions must be made in writing and approved by Seller.